after the rain (pic heavy)

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after the rain (pic heavy)

Yesterday we FINALLY had a soaking, all-day rain after months and months of nothing. Just wanted to share some pics I took late-afternoon afterwards.

I know the comp on these isn't that great but I was just enjoying all the droplets... Smile
I've always loved sparkly things. Ask my Mother. LOL











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Here are a couple other ones from a few days ago--we had about 5 seconds of rain that day lol

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WOW! These are truly amazing! I have a thing for floral photography, but I don't do it very well myself. Smile thanks for helping me get my fix.

1. I happen to ADORE the comp here! It reminds me of a sunset (in reverse). It also makes me wonder, if I held my hand out, would the water droplets fall into my palm?

2. LOVE the rich colors here. This just screams fall to me.

3. This is a lovely flower and I love the detail in the petals and water drops. Nice bokeh here too.

4. I really love the comp here. The separation between the 2 blossoms draws my eye across the image. NICE EFFECT!

5. Cool take on the clover. It almost feels like you're looking at something much more grand than clover ... the birds eye view really changes your perspective.

6 & 7. These are two of my favorites. The bokeh is so creamy and in such stark contrast to the sharp detail of the water drops. Here the drops really do look like little diamonds.

8. here's that comp again ... LOVE IT and the colors here totally change the overall effect. Very cool!

9. this looks so fresh and so ... I dunno ... close. I feel like I could reach out and touch it. DIMENSION. That's what I was trying to say. This doesn't look like a flat image. It feels like I'm looking through a window at something just out of reach (but oh so close to touchable).

10. WOW! The rich red on the field of creamy green is just perfect!

WHAT A DIFFERENCE the shorter rain makes! That first one, while wet looks more like it's tearing or something rather than glistening with rain. And I love how dry the leaf looks in the 2nd shot with just those small drops on it. The last is my favorite of this bunch. I just love how the water drop acts as a magnifying glass. VERY cool effect!



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WOW! These are AMAZING! I love the first one. That has to be one of my fav pics ever! 7 & 8 are right there with it! You have the perfect eye for this photography. You amaze me. Great shots. I think the comps are fine b/c my eye was always drawn where it needed to be!

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These are beautiful!

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GORGEOUS Amy i love your nature photography Smile

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Wow! Awesome!

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I love #7 - it's definitely my favorite.

Glad you didn't get washed away in the 'Burgh. Here in Harrisburg, it didn't stop until well after dark. I was bummed because I really wanted to get some pics after the rain too.

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very pretty! Smile i love all the droplets!

everything is almost dead here. there are no flowers anywhere around for me to photograph. oh well! lol

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Thank you everyone so much! I really enjoy looking down lately see the littlest of things to photograph, that is. The leaves in #6 & #7 are only about 1/4-inch long IRL, in the lawn. I love things like that because it's like a micro-ecosystem, so many things happening in such a tiny space.

I have only 2 other water-droplet photos that I ever took, and on the one (I think I shared it back in the beginning of my coming to this forum), they look just like little diamonds on a maple leaf. So sparkly!

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That day our rain didn't stop long enough to go out with the camera. My shots were taken from the inside of my car. ha ha ha

1. Amy, I love this!!! Gorgeous colors, and great focus on the drops.

2. Love how vibrant this is. Smile

3. Very cool approach.

4. They look like they're having a conversation, don't they?

5. I'd actually like to see more contrast on this one.

6. Love the bokeh and selective focus here.

7. Looks like glass beads, just neat!

8. I love how the color is different where it's wet

10. Oh, I'm loving this!

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Stunning! I love your nature photography too and glad to find someone else who has a thing for waterdrops, lol!