album from our camping weekend in WV

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album from our camping weekend in WV

I have so many photos from this weekend's camping trip to West Virginia that I wanted to share, but instead here is the "guest-pass" link to my Flickr album:

I hope you enjoy looking at them and don't mind me posting the link! Please CC any of the pics that you want to, especially the Eva pics! Smile

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Very nice!! I can see you were working on your leaves Smile

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very nice! I was looking at them at FB. I noticed the white caterpillar. That's pretty cool! So um...does that one turn into a moth? Lol I'm so clueless when it comes to stuff like this. Smile But since moth is in its name and all. I bet Eva had a good time huh? tfs!

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Gorgeous pics, Amy! Those sun flares are absolutely beautiful. How do you get them to flare out like that so consistently? Everytime I try for one, my sky just gets blown. Sad

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Thank you!! Yes Loida, it does turns into this moth:

I love moths, there is an amazing amount of diversity of pattern and color and fuzziness (even in the adults!) Smile I love to ID new species every chance I get.

That white one USUALLY has long black tufts too but apparently some individuals just don't have them:

Krista, I set my aperture to the highest or near-highest number (high 20s/low 30s depending) to close it up, and then adjust my SS until the meter is centered; however sometimes I need to ignore the meter because it might not give me enough detail/color in the foreground, so in that case I ignore the meter and lower the SS. Hope this helps!

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GREAT pics Amy! Love the nature ones and my fav one of miss Eva is the one of her on the tree stump!

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Great series of shots, you have a real flare (no pun intended) for nature and Eva is a doll!

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Love the caterpillar shots!! Eva is just a doll, love seeing her!

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these are SO NICE! I think my faves are the ones of Eva in her pretty pink boots in the sand. I love how you used the warm light. It creates such an emotional response when looking at the pics!


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Thank you all! Eva just loved doing that, and wading and everything...she looked so cute. I also thought those shore photos were neat to play with in processing, like a touch of vintage or warm B/W etc. I think I'll be making a little photobook with just this set...and possibly a collage of her on the shore...

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I saw some of these on FB. Wink love the two chairs, cute! and you sure have some nice bursts going on. my favorite is the one in the yellow leaves. I just looked at the double burst, and had to laugh because I tried to capture the same thing today! I didn't even see yours until just now. mine are still in camera so I don't know how I did. the big dipper over the resort is cool!