all this color talk has me freaking out!

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all this color talk has me freaking out!

This is not the most focused, but mom liked it anyways.

WTH did I do wrong. It's WAY too red, right?

This one too, right?

See, here I was confident about colors, then I get all crazy and go the to the opposite extreme. Grrr...

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I'm at work and uncalibrated--but I don't see red. The only color issue I do see is an orange cast on her face in the second from the petti. I love love love that first one though! No wonder mom wants it!

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hi Smile I don't see red at all. I do see your Cyan #'s a little on the high side in some spots. It's a really adorable shot!!! I absolutely love the tutu and she's such a cutie pie

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Neither of these pictures is way too anything. The first one, the skin is just about right. If anything it could use a touch more red...but I wouldn't bother, it looks fine and the rest of the picture doesn't need any more red.

The only weird thing I'm noticing about the first image is some strange blurry parts on the road surrounding her and in between her legs. Did you do that or is that natural?

The skin on the 2nd one looks a little strange, but the number ratios are fine. Mostly, the skin looks "worked" if you know what I mean. I don't really know how to fix it from here. The other thing I'm thinking is that maybe you didn't mask out the background when you were working the color? The color of the steps look strange. If there was a color cast on the little girl's face, it was caused by the tutu, so if you made a global adjustmant to the whole picture, the other things that did not have a color cast from the skirt would end up a funky color.

I hope I'm making sense.

BTW....these pictures are both GREAT! You're improving so much all the time. I love the compositions in these images.

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I don't see the red either ... I always think I want a pettiskirt for pictures until I see the struggles you have with the casts from them. then I don't want one anymore. Lol can you start over on the second one? love the picture, but Amber has a really good point about the global color.