almost human again

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almost human again

All ...

I apologize. I have been sick all week and am just now starting to feel human again. And in the process, I have let all board tasks fall by the wayside.

The self representation COTW will be pushed back a week. So you have through this next weekend (9/26) to get in your submissions.

I hope to start catching up on threads later today. You guys have given me so many fun things to see while I attempt to rejoin the land of the living. Biggrin

Please PM or email me (at acarbo99 at hotmail dot com) if there is anything needing immediate attention.


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ugh being sick is just horrible! we understand Smile so no worries! glad you are feeling better!

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Glad you're feeling better!! Welcome back to the land of the living! Smile

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being sick sucks! I hope that you're back to 100% this weekend. I'll start the flashback Friday thread for you. Wink

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I've wondered where you were!!! Glad you are well.

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So sorry you were under the weather Sad

Hope you can get back on your feet and feel better quickly!!!

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Sorry GiGi. I hope you are back to yourself in no time! KUP ok?