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alpha female

another collage ... are you guys tired of me yet?

This is yet another from the Windy photo shoot. Tina agreed to be their model for the day. She's a super sweet young woman and beautiful to boot. But don't let that pretty face fool ya ... she packs quite a punch (and that doesn't even count her kicks)!

I was hoping to create a more feminine look w/ this one but the colors are still fairly masculine (due to the colors in the gym, I guess).

What do you guys think?


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Oh I like it Smile It doesn't look too masculine either though. I think that aqua (turquoise?) helps a bit.

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Perfect! Pretty but not overly done! I love it!

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Love it! The photos, colors, everything! I never get sick of seeing them. I think i would like to see a texture maybe on the background but that is all I can think to say about it because it's awesome Smile

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Love this. Looks great!

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Great job, I think you did awesome with making it more feminine with the florishes and text. The only thing I see that is kind of 'off' to me is the far right picture in your strip. For some reason it just doesn't seem to flow with the others, I think it's the lighting.