Another fun Meet-Up

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Another fun Meet-Up

I had another great photography meet-up this past weekend. I love getting together with those ladies! We did a mixture of portrait and macro work (can you guess where I gravitated?)

Well, I REALLY want to post for some HHCC. I need to find my motivation to improve. I feel like I'm in a rut and can't get out. Please comment on comp and processing specifically

Thanks bunches!

1. 1/400 f/4 640
2011-04-10 22

2. 1/400 f/4 640 Is his foot TOO terribly bothersome?
2011-04-10 23

3. 1/200 f/5 500
2011-04-10 19

4. 1/250 f/4 500 I don't normally go for BW, but this one was too cute.
2011-04-10 17

And no need to CC on these, just sharing Smile

2011-04-10 16

2011-04-10 11

2011-04-10 06

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omg #4 is adorable! I'll be back to take a better look later Smile

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What I can judge (on my laptop with bad colour) you did a great job.

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I would warm up the first two just a tad - it could just be my preference of warming things up.

#1 - I wish I could see what he is looking at. A full body shot could have make the picture a bit stronger, IMO

#2 - yes that foot is bothersome - you can clone it out.

#3 - very cute, I would add a bit more contrast

#4 - my favorite - I wonder what it would look if you had shot landscape?

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Love the flowers but that one of the kids holding hands is just so cute!

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Thanks everyone!

El, how would YOU go about warming them up? I've been trying to figure out the best way to do that without changing the color all funky. Also, the reason for the funky crop is because I didn't get a full body shot Sad

Thanks for letting me know about the foot. I actually didn't notice it until after I had finished processing it. Then I was kicking myself for not paying attention. I'll try to clone it out as best I can.

I'm always scared of contrast. My dad OVER does it, so that's the one PP item I'm deathly scared of over using.

I think a landscape of the last shot would be neat. Unfortunately, I didn't leave enough space in the frame to crop landscape. That is almost identical to the original photo.

Thank you so much for your feedback, it is very helpful!!

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You're so good,, I really can't add any CC. Just wanted to say I love them!

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Looks like you had fun! I LOVE #4, it's adorable and looks fab in B&W

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Looks like a fun meet up! How nice to have the opportunity to shoot so many different things. Smile Looks like you had a very good time.

1. I like this. there is a definite mood to it. You might try a b&w conversion to match his sullen face.

2. Personally, I don't find the foot too bothersome. What great emotion you caught here. I think we've all struggled to get a genuine response at times and this is jsut fabulous!

3. antoher wonderfully 'real' moment! I love pretty much everything about this one ... the great use of the bridge to lead you through the frame, the soft light from the sun ... wow! this just looks GREAT!

4. b&w works GREAT here!!! love their expressions. this one says 'canvas' to me. Biggrin

and, as always, your nature shots are FANTABULOUS!!!!!


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You got some fantastic shots! I love the yellow flowers. The colors that are in it are just to die for!

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I'm at work so I can't comment on color too much, but I had to say that I also saw these on FB and I think they are awesome. I love how they are candid, full of life, emotion, and all the sweetness that embodies childhood. I LOVE how they each have their little lovies with them. These will be treasured! I'm particularly partial to 3 and 4. I disagree that 3 needs more contrast--I love the warm, airy feel to the processing on all of them. Great job!

Beautiful macro work too. And see, I gravitate to looking at the people shots. LOL.

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I wanted to stop by this thread and take a better look.

I like the style of processing here, and I think the B&W is great! it looks a bit vintage.

#2 I don't mind that foot, but I wish you could have stepped back and got all of his arms, and I think that would have made it stronger.

You have totally captured that little guys personality!