another i stock shoot

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another i stock shoot

I got a text yesterday that said "Got fishnets" So I called him and told him yes I do, and he said "Good, come over to my studio and well get ready wear your craziest lounge singer outfit and well go over and shoot at my church" I had to laugh at how funny that sounded Anyhow, here are some of the photos. I just think they are so funny. No need to comment just sharing

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the second one is really cool with the backlighting

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LOL at the text.

Love the pics, so sexy and dramatic!

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Damn Girl... You are smoking hot! I never want to be in the same room with you!! j/k Biggrin

LOVE the second shot!


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Very cool!

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Hoy cow- you're so lucky, your face healed up so quickly! My husband crashed on his bike the same week as you had your scooter accident and he still has purple and green bruises!

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You are gorgeous! I had a pageant dress almost exactly like that, but it was a different color.
I love the second one!

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Wow! Love the second one.