Another me update!

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Another me update!

It is obviously still really early, the top one was from yesterday morning and I called my RE nurse immediately (I wasn't supposed to test until Sunday but I don't do patient very well) and she had me come in for a beta. It came back 24.8, low but they'll do another on Monday and as long as it is multiplying we look good to go. The 2nd test was yesterday afternoon because I couldn't contain myself and the bottom one was FMU this morning. Smile

I was going to post this on the Friday Share but I didn't want to hijack it completely!!! Smile Lol!


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Congrats! Hope you have a strong healthy bean there.

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Oh, Jill! I'm so darn excited for you! Congratulations!

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Woo Hoo! I hope this is the start of a HH9M for you!


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Congrats, that's wonderful news!

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CONGRATS!!!!! What great news!!

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Congrats Jill!!! HH9M!!!

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Woohoo. In the Dec13 with me Smile

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