another newbie introduction (pic heavy)

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another newbie introduction (pic heavy)

Hi, I've been a lurker for about a year but just recently started posting. I know a couple of you from the birth/baby boards.
I do almost all nature photography, particularly macro. I notice there isn't much of that posted here but I see at least 2 other people are also interested in that type. So I wanted to share a couple of my favorites. I hope you like them.
I also love to photograph my 2.5 year old daughter and have been practicing doing "photo shoots" of her mostly at Christmastime.

Please forgive the placement of some of my copyright text in these, I used to be overly worried about posting pics online even though I resized them etc. and these are older versions I have stored on Photobucket....

These were all taken with my first digital camera, now my "old" camera, a Fuji S5100 with a macro conversion lens.

I have many more I would love to show you.

This Christmas I received my first DSLR, a Canon 500D/T1i, which I obviously have not yet used for any similar nature macros yet since it's winter! But I can hardly wait for spring now! Smile

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Well # 3 is awesome!

Welcome!! I also love nature and flower shots


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I love your pics! The crysalis is beautiful. Did you find it in on your own?

What equipment do you shoot with? I'm sure I will have a lot of other questions about macro photography for you. I've always been interested in it but just started shooting with a macro lens.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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I had been wondering if I missed an intro from you. Wink welcome! and I really like your macro shots, they're lovely! especially those butterflies, very cool!

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Cool pics! I love macro shots, but dont have a lens for it. Welcome to the board!

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Welcome aboard! It's great to have you! Your work is very lovely and I can't wait to see what you are able to capture with your new camera once you thaw out.


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Thank you everyone for the kind welcome and comments. I love reading this forum and am learning so much about portrait photography. I hope to practice more & more on my daughter and get some better results, even though I don't have anything fancy other than the camera itself...but in reading some of the PP techniques, I've realized that I've been doing similar techniques in PaintShop Pro already.

As for macro nature photography, a lot of it in my experience is luck because so many things make up a good final pic--the combination of sunlight, the just-right focus despite the wind (even a breeze) and the insect flitting around (the DOF is so so narrow when you're photographing insects it's crazy!!), the closeness you can get to the subject (before they fly away!!!). Can be very frustrating so I just keep shooting and hope for the best!

Janet, the Monarch chrysalis was from a wild caterpillar that had been in my wildflower garden, where I grow butterflyweed (milkweed) as a host plant for Monarchs. That year I took 2 or 3 of the caterpillars in to a netted container to watch turn into chrysalises and then released the adults once they were ready. I have yet to find a Monarch chrysalis in the wild---those caterpillars travel to the best-hid places, it seems! Although one of them tried to attach itself to the side of our house next to the driveway that year!

For my current collection of photos I used my Fuji S5100 with a Raynox 2.5x macro conversion lens attachment. That lens is great, IMO! I discovered that it does fit onto my Canon and has GREAT potential....but of course now that I have the Canon I'll be looking to add some of their actual macro (& telephoto) lenses to my equipment stash.
I definitely want to save up for a good birding lens (for photographing wild birds at distances).

Here are a couple non-insect shots:

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Love your macro shots, beautiful.

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Thank you!