Another Newborn Session

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Another Newborn Session

My friend had a beautiful baby girl on tuesday and I got to meet her and have another newborn shoot Biggrin

didnt have much room or much natural light so I'd love some opinons.

I know she is OOF Sad I still love it though.

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those look great, personally I don't care for quite so much space in the hanging one but that could be a personal pref

you're doing awesome at newborns for a newbie at them Smile

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#1 is my favorite.

I agree about too much space in the hanging one. I like that one, but perhaps better with a tighter crop!

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you are doing such a great job with the newborns!!!!! for not having much natural light, I think you did a fantastic job. she seems rather pink to me in the photos though. and I'd like to see a different crop on the hanging one.

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Here are a few more

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for the first two on your new set there's something white on the right I'd crop out. Skin tone is really hard for me so I can't help what to do but they seem different on most of the shots, esp the last which is the most obvious.
great catchlights Smile

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These are great!!! They make me want to have another baby (or maybe another set of twins!)

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Cazz these are really great shots and i like your compositions, very creative...


The color balance looks tones are very different in each picture

Also, they look a little over sharpened...espically the first pic in the second set of photos you can see along the baby's back there is a white line

Lastly, if you can find some softer light...its usually more flattering for newborns.