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Another one to share

Just trying to send something else in for my class other than a person shot. I took this shot this afternoon (I had to climb down a cliff!) and I'm wondering which way you prefer it processed, or maybe none at all? I'm using coffee shop actions for the last two, so I can't take much credit there. Smile



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Cool shot! Did you have a tripod for this?

I like the first edit, but would love to see the sky masked out so it keeps the color of the SOOC. Also, it might work better to just bump up the contrast and/or saturation of the building rather than brightening it up. The original image isn't underexposed. I do however like the brightening boost for the water.

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Great shot, love the effect on the water. I agree that a cross between the sooc (for the sky & building) and the 1st edit would be great.

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I ditto Amber. Mask back the sky.

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Great shot!!! I actually love love the vintage edit--it works so darned well for that pic, and I like the tree branches in that edit best too. The main thing I noticed personally out of everything was the tiny chop of the tip of the roof.

Glad you made it up & down the cliff ok! Totally worth it!!! Smile

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The tiny chop had to happen when I straightened the picture. My wide angle really distorted the lines, so when I went to straighten, the tip got chopped. I'll try and rework the picture tonight...I'm still using elements, so no masks here, but I'll see what I can do.
Thanks for everyone's input!

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Oh I gotcha. Well it looks amazing anyway! I know that has happened to me when I straighten in PSP too.

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I personally like the SOOC best. I love the muted color of the mill and wood. The water looks amazing!!

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I like SOOC or Old Romance!

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that is a cool shot!!!!!!!!! I also like SOOC ... I wish that branch wasn't there on the left though. definitely mask the sky back in on your edits. I think the vintage edit is cool. the first edit is good, but for some reason I don't care for the extra reds in the building. but that's totally my personal preference.

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I like the first edit. The reds really pop and bring some life to the shot, imho. Love the water here!