Another RR track shoot

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Another RR track shoot

Ok, you might remember this post from a while back. The baby was VERY unhappy in the heat, so we had to re-schedule. I was worried that she wasn't happy with the pics I did give her, b/c it took her a while to get back with me.
Luckily, I got a chance to re-shoot them. I was excited b/c it was scheduled for Sat, the day after my senior shoot. I had some new ideas to get her boys to like me and they worked. I am a bit shy, but I made myself open up and it worked. Smile
Here are a few from the shoot. I want you to be HONEST. Randall is not fond of my bright b&ws, so I tried to get some in the middle. I want cc on the conversions as well. I was dumb and didn't watch my SS in some of them, but I think for the most part, they are good.
Again, I wanted to add that Mom requested tracks. I am not a fan of them, but I did what she asked. I was nervous b/c it was right in front of the police station, but they didn't care. It was next to an old train depot too, so that was neat.

1. Okay, how in the world do you do this? I was metering off them, but it didn't work. I overexposed it in ACR, but I don't know what else I could have done. Any ideas?
f/3.5, ISO- 640, 1/1600

j&jweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr
2. f/3/2, ISO-100, 1/160

b1-edit2web by sadiequalls, on Flickr
3. f/3.5, ISO-640, 1/400

c3b&wweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr
4. f/3.2, ISO-640, 1/250

b3b&wweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr
5. f/3.2, ISO-100, 1/125

c1web by sadiequalls, on Flickr

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Glad you got a reshoot!

1. Back lighting is plain hard. You're always gonna blow the background when you meter for the foreground. I'm thinking some fill flash or a reflector would help here. I'm also not digging the crop ... I would tighten it up on them with guy's head in the top right corner .

2. LOVE THIS ONE! he looks great! I'll bet mom loves this one too. Color and focus look wonderful. Might be a TAD under exposed, but only just so.

3. Overall, nice conversion. The shoes are blown, but that doesn't bother me too much. Love the composition of this one! And I'd really like to see it in color as well.

4. for the most part, conversion looks pretty good. You might brighten it up a bit as it makes his skin look a little dark and since I know he's not naturally dark, it doesn't feel quite right. Everything else looks really nice.

5. SUPER SWEET! He looks a tad on the magenta size, but otherwise, really lovely shot! Mom is truly going to love this. Focus and exposure are right on. You MIGHT consider cloning out the sky in the top right corner as the brightness does draw the eye. LOVE the light you got in his eyes!

TFS, Sadie! You are are really rockin' that camera right now!


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Sadie these are GREAT!!!

me and backlighting aren't friends right now so i'll leave #1 alone Smile :lo:
#2 seems a tad cool, would also try and brighten it up a bit. Would've like to see more of the suitcase, (strictly personal), otherwise nice shot
#3 love. yes, shoes are blown, maybe if you tried burning them a bit to lessen some of the brightness. Nice conversion
#4 for me, just kinda ok...can't put my finger on it
#5 I want to squeeze his cheeks. Biggrin See how nice the orange and blue of his shirt pop? That's what i'd like to see in #2 Smile

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Great job Sadie! You are getting so good!!!! I LOVE #5, that is awesome!!! I would maybe clone out the white sky triangle in the corner too though like GiGi said.

The conversion in #4 is not popping enough, his skin needs to be brighter I think, because it's almost the same tone as the wall behind him. #2 looks a little cool. I agree about cropping #1 closer, and I would probably do the same on #2 myself.

Conversion of #3 looks great, although the shoes are almost too bright.

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What a cool set!

I love the little boy on the suitcase! #2 is just a bit too centered. Also, boy's right eye seems a tad too shadowed. I love #4--composition, tones, etc.

I also like the baby on the tracks--although, in my mind, I keep waiting to hear a train whistle! LOL Smile #5 is super sweet. If it were mine, I might try cloning more greenery into the upper-right corner, but this could be just my personal taste. Eye contact in this shot is amazing!

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I have to admit, I like RR tracks. I have some right by my house, but haven't gotten over there. I've heard all of the controversy behind them, but I still like the look.

1. I like this one. Maybe darken his face a bit or add a bit more contrast?
2. Cute, but not thrilled with the crop. Missing feet bother moe a tad.
3. CUTE!!!
4. Again, not thrilled with the crop. But, love his expression and the mood.
5. Too sweet, he has such a happy smile! Color seems a bit off, but can't put my finger on it.

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Sadie, I promised I'd come back to this, and so here I am 11 days later. Wink I'm writing without reading any replies, so I apologize if I repeat CC.

1. you should meter on the grass behind them, I think. His shirt is too dark and hers is too light. And you needed an ap of AT LEAST 8 for this to work, I'd go even higher. your SS is really high, you had plenty of room to go up in AP (staying at your higher ISO). Your PPing seems a little dull on this one too. I just think this is a hard one, as you have the water and sky blown. Try the steps in the email I sent you to re-process.

2. He seems cool to me. Great eye contact though. I'd bump the brightness a touch here.

3. okay, baby crawling on train tracks freaks me out! sorry Sad He's really bright in the head and feet and left arm, you need to bring that down so you don't lose detail if this is printed.

4. very sweet! needs a contrast boost though

5. downright adorable! awesome eyes, love the colors, contrast seems great here! don't like the lines running through his head, but that's not avoidable because your angle for capturing him was awesome. (hope that made sense)