Another share about pixel peeping

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Another share about pixel peeping

Steph, this one is for you and me...

I read this article today and this paragraph stuck out to me:

[INDENT]"Don't expect eyelashes to be as clear on a group shot as on a close-up portrait. There just aren't enough pixels to go around. On a close-up portrait, there can easily be 100 pixels per eyelash. On a person in a group shot, there might only be 100 pixels available to render the whole eye! Lots of photographers, when just starting out, lament their "missed focus" in a group shot; whereas their focus has been perfect. You just need to have different expectations, is all."

I still think I may have some focusing issues, BUT in examining the shots from last Sunday's family shoot, I realized that the further away the group was, the more it seemed like the focus was soft when I viewed the image at 100%. Independent of this article, I started to think about it logically and realized exact what the about paragraph is saying: that there ARE only so many pixels to go around, and maybe that's my problem. So I felt pretty reassured to read this and realize that perhaps it is just inappropriate expectations, after all. Viewing on a large screen at 100% is never how images will be viewed by anyone -- except the photographer!

I'd be interested in anyone else's take on this, because clearly it's something both Steph and I are grappling with, and I'm sure we're not alone!

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I'm in the same boat. That said, I am having issues with focus in general (why oh why can't I get the focus right!!) but I struggle with expectations with group shots too

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I get so frustrated with myself! And in a couple of different ways. I will zoom in and be frustrated if its not perfectly in focus, but then also get frustrated with myself for even looking that close in the first place!! Are my clients/friends going to look at my images that closely? Probably not. I can think of only one, but just so she can compare it to her own work, since she has the exact same frustrations as me Wink

I need to make myself back off a lot. Take it for what it is, and move on. Just because I have a big screen, it doesn't mean I need to look so close that I start to find imperfections that won't exist in print.