another soccer Saturday spectacular ;)

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another soccer Saturday spectacular ;)

had another GREAT SATURDAY OF SOCCER!!! I can't believe there are only 2 weeks of soccer left. *sniffle, sniffle* At least Loli is signed up for 2 different soccer camps this summer ... I can hardly WAIT for the photo ops! Wink

ANYWAY .... c&c always appreciated.

I really struggled w/ my white balance with this shoot. This was a mid day game with glaring sun one minute and lots of clouds the next. *sigh* I was using either the full sun or cloudy WB in-camera settings (though it was a pain to change back and forth and often forgot ... thank goodness for ACR).

ANYWAY ... my questions are ... would it have been any better to try a grey card and custom WB? Would that have been any quicker or at least more effective? I've never really done the custom wb before, but I'm starting to struggle with it enough that I'm willing to give it a try. For those of you who use the grey cards, what was your biggest stumbling block to 'get it'? Now that you've learned the technique, do you use it every time or just under certain circumstances?

Anyway ...enough questions ... here are my faves from Saturday:

1. f/5.6 ss=1/400 iso=100 @200mm

2. f/5.6 ss=1/400 iso=100 @120mm

3. f/5.6 ss=1/400 iso=100 @120mm

4. f/5.6 ss=1/400 iso=100 @170mm

5. f/5.6 ss=1/400 iso=100 @150mm

6. f/5.6 ss=1/400 iso=100 @150mm

7. f/5.6 ss=1/500 iso=100 @200mm

As always, TFL guys!


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my understanding from one of the tutorials from ILP from Andrea Joki is that custom wb doesn't make any difference when shooting in raw. I think it's best to shoot awb then custom as needed. If dh is there with you then take a grey card to shoot a few times as reference.

yay for more soccer camps Smile love seeing all the soccer shots. I'll be starting end of May when ds starts (I really hope i can get my lens before then)

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WHAT are you going to do once soccer is over!? I am looking forward to more of the martial arts ones though! Wink

I love #3 b/c I look at him, then his eyes, and they draw me straight to the ball! Well done! #7 has to be another one of my favs!

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