Any CC would be appreciated! :)

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Any CC would be appreciated! :)

Hi everyone! I've been around but mostly just lurking around here because I've been pretty busy! I'm still learning lots and skill building with maternity, newborns, children, families, etc. This is a session I did today. A boy and girl 8 and 10 months. This is just one of the boy (10months). Any CC would be greatly appreciated! Smile


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I think it's adorable, the cc I would have would be to brighten a little, and I think the focus fell on the hat maybe? but I still love it!

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that hat is awesome Smile
Wish the light in the eyes was a bit more even between the two.
Looks like there's a diagonal line going through his head, bit distracting

sounds like you've been busy

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did you do any PP on this? if so, curious as to what you did.

he seems underexposed, I'd brighten him up some. and I agree that the focus fell more on his hat than his face. but he's a sweet little boy! and you sure sound busy!

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I agree that his face seems soft and he is a bit underexposed but not so much that a little brightening won't help. His eyes look overdone to me.

I think that there is also a bit too much magenta. The background doesn't quite look white and I am assuming that it is.

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Adorable! I agree with PPs, brighten it up a bit more and I see the magenta that stampasaurus's talking about.