Anyone have this lens? (Nikon users)

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Anyone have this lens? (Nikon users)

At the moment, I have the 24-70 2.8 and the 50 1.4G. I'd really like a little more zoom for a good portrait lens, and was thinking a macro would be nice too. So, i've been eyeing the 105 2.8G with macro, and was wondering if anyone out there has it, and would love to know what you think. Or any other suggestions on what to complement my other two lenses with? I can't afford the 70-200 at the moment. Sad

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What body do you have? If you have a full frame then I would suggest saving for the 70-200, but if not then go with a real good macro like the 105!!!

I absolutely love ALL my lenses, 24-70, 70-200, 60 macro and my others as well. It really depends on what you are wanting to use them for. Babies, it is so fun to shoot them with a macro.

I love my zoom lenses too because I don't have to move around as much, but love the macro for getting in there - picking up the details.

Anyhow, your body will make a big difference - that full frame really demands something that will reach just that much farther.

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I think you have a D700 too, right? I almost bought the 105, but was advised against it for portraiture bc it can be very slow to focus. For Macro it's supposed to be amazing though! I bought the 85 instead, but I'm a prime girl anyway. Next I'd like to get the new 35 1.4, and then the 135 f/2. You know, the next time $3,500 falls from the sky lol.

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I'm not on a full frame, but i'm saving for that 70 - 200 for my soccer and judo photos. Seems so far away some days, but eventually ...

Have fun with whatever you choose and then come back here and share some results w/ us (so I can get another good case of lens envy). Wink


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I have it and LOVE it. I only have the 50 1.4 and the 105 2.8 macro, and feel perfectly content with those two lenses. Yes, I would like to get the 70-200 2.8 at some point, but don't feel the need to at all right now. I've had no problems with focusing. The bokeh I get with it I love. And I can't wait to use it on this newborn of mine Smile

105 portrait,
DSC_1177 copy

Krissy Allori has it too and uses it for pretty much all of her portrait sessions, you should check out her stuff too. Good luck!