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All ...

I know I haven't been around much (except to start a COTW or flash back thread here and there) as of late. I've been working a HUGE problem since Easter here at work. I don't want to jinx it, but I'm finally making some progress so I hope to get back in the swing of things real soon.

I do try to lurk as much as possible and if you guys need me, you can ALWAYS send me a PM or email me at acarbo9 at hotmail dot com.

Take care and hopefully I'll be around more in the coming weeks.


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GiGi- don't apologize! We are alllll busy, and we totally understand. Smile Just do what you need to and come back and post pics! Wink

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I haven't been able to get here at all really. No apologies needed at all! we all know what it is like to be busy

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Gigi, I think you are doing an awesome job. I know I haven't been contributing or participating lately. I am sure you'll be back here in no time. You CCs are always so informative.