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Hi All ...

I wanted to pop in really quick to get the COTW voting started, apologize for my absence, and thank all of you for all of your participation! This is my busiest time of year (even more than the Christmas break) and on top of that, we moved to a new house (same city, even same subdivision, just new house). So I have barely come up for air.

But when I have come up, I always come here to check in and your images have really kept me going! I love seeing all you have been posting and look forward to being able to jump back in myself in the next couple of weeks. *fingers crossed*

Take care everyone and know I'm lurking even if I don't have any time to reply or post right now.


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You are just fine GiGi! We alllll understand how busy we all are! I am excited b/c summer is approaching and I should be slowing down! (((HUGS))) Just know you are missed!

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I've missed you GiGi!! Glad to know you're doing ok!

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I've missed you to, GiGi! I sure hope the busy-ness ends soon and that you settle into your new home quickly! Looking forward to seeing some more of you pics when things are less crazy.

Thanks for checking in and doing the COTW even when you're so busy.