Arachnophilia? Wednesday Nature Share

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Arachnophilia? Wednesday Nature Share

I decided to take my camera bag to work today. I hit all the back roads on base to hopefully get some interesting nature shots. Didn't find a thing until I got to the entrance to my building. This colorful little spider was sunning itself on the stairs! The photos are pretty large, but this guy was actually only about 1/4 inch, including legs. I'm still trying to ID him. Amy, would you happen to know what species he is?

All were shot with my 60mm macro. I started out at f/5.6 but changed to f/10 to make the most out of the limited depth of field. Shots were between 1/1250 and 1/2000. ISO 400. I played with the color in the first two, just for the fun of it. The color in the third shot is more true to life.


2. I agitated him with a stalk of grass to get him to move. He began trailing a web as he walked.


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Wow, those are great! I LOVE the first one. Great detail and color! These gave me the heebie-jeebies, but they are great! Love how you got the web in the 2nd one. You and Amy are awesome at these shots!

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Janet, that's awesome! That's an Arrowhead Spider! It's a type of orb weaver. I've never seen one myself before. I would love to photograph one! Smile you got great detail on these. I'd like to see them "cooled off" a bit so maybe some of the facial detail can be seen better. Since the body & head are so red, your yellowish processing seems to make the face lose some detail in #1? not sure.

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Those are really creepy. But, wonderful shots! I sooooo want a macro!

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awesome! i'd like to see them cooled down a bit too and maybe brightened a teeny bit? Smile

btw...amy how do you know so much about little critters? Blum 3

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LOL Loida, I've been studying them forever. I also have a degree in Wildlife Biology. It's just my passion in life! The nature around us is amazing!