AV and TV settings ?

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AV and TV settings ?

I have read the differences in the manual as far as what you can do with each setting and what can be adjusted but I don't really understand when each setting should be used. I am not sure how I decide which setting is appropriate. TIA!

PS sorry for all the dumb questions.

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I just shoot in full manual so I can control all aspects of it. I found that there were times when I'd shoot in AV then I'd be unhappy with the SS the camera chose. So I guess I don't have any examples of when to use either since I don't use them at all. Smile

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Yeah what Gwen said.. If Im actually practicing then I shoot in Manual but if Im in a hurry then I shoot in auto.. but Im not really happy with the settings that auto choses. I dont shoot in the other modes because the settings are not what I would pick.

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Sometimes beginners choose to use either AV or TV mode. It just depends on you and what you feel comfortable with. Play around and if you feel comfortable with one than the other then go ahead and use that. Or if you want to venture on into Manual mode. I have tried using AV or TV mode numerous times and it always fails because I don't like what the camera chooses for me. Smile It just frustrates me to pieces Lol But that's only because I've been using M mode for awhile now. I like to be in control and I think I have learned a lot by being in control, about shutter speed and aperture anyway. Smile