baby acne question

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baby acne question



I am wondering if it is possible to fix baby acne. I took some pics of my sister's baby (just snaps) wearing a hat that was a gift from his grandma, but his acne is awful.

I have been thinking about getting photoshop elements and wonder if that program could be used to fix the acne and how much of a learner's curve it would be.

Thanks so much for any help or advice!

Here are the pics.

From baby acne
From baby acne
From baby acne
From baby acne
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I have never encountered this problem, however i would think its fixable with photoshop though i am not sure how exactly

I love the little hat Biggrin so CUTE

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The clone/spot healing tool should be able to help with a good deal of it. See (or just google "heal blemishes elements"). Good luck, he's a cutie!

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you can totally fix that! - read her description before using it, but with the skin smoothing and red skin fix, you can totally clean up the skin. and it works in Elements.

cute baby and cute hat too!

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Awesome tutorial, Gwen!

Thanks for sharing!


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thanks for the replies! That action and tutorial look great--thanks for the link Gwen.

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