Baby Ardal

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Baby Ardal

Got to photograph this gorgeous 4 day old baby boy this afternoon.

I must say that I am pretty happy with how things went with this shoot.

Especially since I didn't have to edit these much at all.

These ones I did not touch other than a sharpen for web :eek: He LOVED touching his face so we just went with it! He managed to sleep some in the end though.







He LOVED this thing. was so so fussy before this but the second he was in this he just stopped fussing and 'hung' out.....cried when we took him out!






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Great job! Especially since these are basically SOOC! I love #6!

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Beautiful shots.

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Thanks Biggrin

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awesome SOOC shots Biggrin

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Beautiful work, Cazz! Amazing that these are basically SOOC!

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I was pretty excited when I uploaded them. I mean of course you aim for perfect SOOC but I finally think it is all 'clicking'


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wonderful job! what a cutie pie! the only thing i'd say needs fixing is the daddy's boxers showing. But WOW, you're getting to be so GOOD!!!

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These are adorable. This baby has such an expressive face for being so young... Love the expression in #7 in the hangy thing. Too cute, hahah. I also love the one in the green hat. Smile

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Love them! great job on the SOOC shots!

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Thanks again ladies.