A baby creation

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A baby creation

Thought you'd like to see my latest project.

I just finished her a couple of days ago and of course took the opportunity to practice the photography side of things. No CC on the pics required but I'd love you opinion on the baby Biggrin

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Love the swaddle, looks so much like a cacoon Smile Don't know if you're interested in trying to get some of the red spots off her face?

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As I hand painted those red spots on myself.... probably not Biggrin



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WAIT!! That's not a real baby!??!! I totally didn't get that part. WOW!!! Great work.

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WOW Cazz! What a talent you have. The baby looks so real, right down to the blotchy skin tone. Well done you! That's the kind of model I could use for my 1st PB session, lol!

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Took me a little bit to figure out she wasn't real! Lol I didn't want to be the first to post b/c I wasn't sure! She's a cutie! Well done!

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she looks very real! great job!!!!

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yeah i saw these on facebook. now i totally got your last baby making post Blum 3 haha! that was funny...

you do great work!! how do you make these babies? I mean, what material is it mostly made of? they look so real.

maybe you could brighten up the pictures a bit? Smile

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WOW If I didn't know it wasn't a real baby, I never would have guessed! I only knew from past posts that I was COMPLETELY confused on. GREAT job! Yeah, what is she made out of? How long does it take you to do?

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Wow Fantastic. i wanted one of those real dolls to match my kiddos weight/height from birth.

Did you make the entire doll? Im curious how you did it and how long it took. Is it th same doll in all the pics? Thelast two pics are my fav.

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Whooaaa... it looks so real...

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I am about to head off to work right not but I wanted to say thanks guys!

It took me about 6 weeks to make her.
You have to paint the inside and the outside gets painted too in SEVERAL different layers
Then you take time to paint in the details such as the mottled look and the tiny veins and microveins, and she even has a spit bubble and fingernails.
Then you have to hand root each tiny hair a strand or two at a time.
Then you attach the body, fill them up and weigh them like real babies.

They are made of vinyl

This is how you get them