Baby Dusty Rose

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Baby Dusty Rose

Okay so these were taken in a dark NICU with no lights on no flash and ISO of 1600 with an extremely low SS but over all I am happy with the pictures.







I cant wait till she comes home.

And just an extra one of Dusty's big sister Kara Smile


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These are WONDERFUL! You did great with the low light. The 3rd one, she looks so perfect she reminds me of the dolls you make. PRECIOUS!

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I too think you did amazing. These are so precious and will be treasured forever! LOVE #1 & 3!

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what a little beauty!!! and so tiny!!!! all of my babies were close to twice her size, I can't imagine even holding a little peanut like that, so sweet! and you did great with the low light.

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I think you did great given the situation. She's beautiful. #3 is my fave too.

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Great job! So precious!

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She's so tiny and beautiful!!! Love that precious little hat Smile

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She's precious and these are WONDERFUL photos!!!

Thanks so much for sharing!


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Thanks everyone. She is precious.

I knitted that hat on monday after we knew she was a girl. It could have been a touch longer though Smile


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Wow, she is perfect, isn't she! Great job, what a great memory to have.

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Thanks again,

I got an extra long cuddle last night because she cant be put down for 15 after a feed.

She is still being tube fed but she is starting to learn the suckling motion. Its the only thing stopping her from coming out of the humidicrib. once she gets that down it will be a matter of days before she is allowed home. We are very excited!!

She is almost back to her birth weight of 4lb 3oz too!