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So, you may or may not remember me! I jumped onto the board last summer and sorta faded away in the fall. Smile I felt like I took somewhat of a hiatus from my camera due to impending winter/stuck indoors/crappy low light/crazy fast new walker. Anyhow, in January I started up a 365 to get myself back into the swing of things with my camera, and may I say it really helped! I'm now getting my camera out at least once a day, and with spring on the way, I'm super excited to take things outdoors with my toddler! Smile

Anyhow, just wanted to say hello! I've included a few photos! No CC, just a little peek into what my camera lens has been up to these last few months! Smile I'm still learning a ton (shooting in manual now for 8 months) and need to really figure out editing (just started fiddling with Lightroom -- not sure about it!), but I'm really enjoying it!

Can't wait to get back into it all with you!

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Hey Jen! Good to see you back over here!!

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Welcome back, what great shots.

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Hi, nice to meet you! Cute little guy! Can't wait to see more. Smile

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welcome back Biggrin

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Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to getting back into it all with you!

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Hello, welcome back Smile

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welcome back!!! it's great to have you posting with us again!


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I wasn't posting when you were around before, but just wanted to add my welcome back too!

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Welcome back!