Back to the beach

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Back to the beach

We finally got an eagerly awaited warm day - and on holiday vacation to boot! Took the kids to the boardwalk for some sand fun and rides. Full sun so it was tricky, but I still got a few I like. I'm sure I'll be posting more from this set later on.

on the carousel

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Hi Esti, glad to see you posting again! I love the one of just Benny walking along the sand. It reminds me so much of being at the ocean with Eva last summer. I can't wait to go back.

I love the treatment you did on #1 also....and with the kids' cute clothes, it has a completely timeless feel.

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Lovely! i've definitely got to try an get some decent beach pictures this year. You have inspired me.

LOVE that last shot...pure joy!

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Thanks Amy and Amber. Beach pictures are my absolute favorites. I'm getting ready for the beach season to start for clients - I'm starting my booking next week. Can't wait!

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Love the processing on that first shot!

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I love them! I think the last one is my very favorite tho!

I'm still trying to figure out how to get good full sun beach pictures. Beee

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Esti, these are great!!!! I love your PP on the first, beautiful.

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Ohh beach pictures Smile how lovely! i like the first one!

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The 1st shot is gorgeous, I love how you have processd it. I can only hope that I get some half decent beach shots when we go on vacation in Sept.