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    I've been in the process of moving to a different home here in Utah, this home, has more bedrooms, but is not as open, very odd looking but I really like it. As a quick update, I had another hand surgery on Wed, went well, got a tendon transplant, and partial reconstruction. Blah. Good news, only a few more surgeries. Bad news, I will never regain full feeling in my hand again. BUT I can use it! Moving has been hard one handed. Landed a gig to shoot the poster shots for a upcoming ufc/mma fight this upcoming wednesday. Yay, but I am nervous. All will be shot in raw and used on National TV and as life size posters! WOW! I've started a production company with a few friends just in beginning stages called "black eye productions" well shoot the large fight events 4 every year then the mini's in between. Along with the weigh in's the name is very appropriate for the fighting, and for my new "look" that I have been sporting the past 2 weeks since the accident. Since then, I have done a few newborn shoots, none have been what I really want, I need lots of practice! Anyhow, just an update! I hope to post soon, as for now I have to run back to my old house and clean! BLLLAAAHHH!!!! hope all is well with all of you ladies, I will post more on your posts shortly!

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    Well it sounds like things are starting to pick up a bit for you. Thank goodness, you deserve a break! I hope the first shoot, and the rest to come, go very well!

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    love you, miss you sweetie. Give me a call. You still coming this way soon with the kids to see M?

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    you sure sound busy! when do you get your other hand back? love the name of the company, sounds very cool!! good luck with the move.
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