Back...Re-intro with pics

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Back...Re-intro with pics

Hey Ladies, I was on here before awhile ago but have been gone for a little while, just wanted to re-intro myself and post some pics.

Im Stephanie and DH is Brandon we just had a little girl on February 13th named Alexis, she has been keeping us busy for the past month lol We both work at USCellular but love to do photography on the side, im more of an artistic/abstract kind of person whereas he does more portrait photography. I've been trying to do more portrait tho so I can get better at it.

Here are some of Lexi's newborn photos that we both did.

They were just set to portrait mode on my p&s, still havent got the nikon d5000 that i want so I gott work with what I have lol Oh and yea, im totally obsessed with b&w lol

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Welcome back and congrats on your little girl! My favourite is 3.

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Congrats on the new LO!! Take as many pics as you can and I can't wait to see them Smile

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Welcome back!!!! Your LO is *adorable*!!! I love the little cow outfit. Smile

Can't wait to see more from you.


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Hi! Can't wait to see more pics of your little ones! I love the cow print! Smile

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Welcome and congrats! I don't post here much, not much time with two little ones to take "good" pics and actually find the time to upload them. But I do like to look at everyones pics and be in AWWWW of them.

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Welcome back! What an adorable baby girl you have!