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back in the saddle

Hi Gang!

I had an unexpected (& much needed) week off last week. And my family threatened me within an inch of my life if I didn't totally unplug. I lurked a bit on my phone, but that was it.

I can't wait to get caught up on the flash back thread, etc.

ALSO ... I'm going to extend the last COTW through this Sunday, so let's see a few more entries folks!

Take care everyone!


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Hope things are going well... glad you will be back here!

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Nice to see you, GiGi, and how awesome of your family to insist on a break for you! They're taking good care of you! Smile

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I hope you are feeling a little refreshed after your week "unplugged". Smile

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Thanks guys! I am feeling quite well right now. Which is saying something as this is my busiest time of year (with only Christmas time coming close)! I have a long summer of work ahead of me, but I feel much better prepared to tackle it now. Guess I need to listen to my guys more often. Wink