Back to shooting... few for CC please!

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Back to shooting... few for CC please!

I am finishing up a SR photo shoot soon and I would love some CC. I don't feel like I rocked these. Mom and her are happy, but I just know there are better photographers, so I struggle. I have a little boy photo shoot tonight, and a SR tomorrow morning! WHEW! Smile Wish me luck!

1. I think this was f/2.8, ISO- 500, and 1/300

2. f/2.8, 1/320, ISO- 500

3. f/3.2, ISO- 500, 1/800
Felt like this one just wasn't the best. I struggled with editing due to the haze in the SOOC.

4. f/3.2, ISO- 1250 (WHOOPS!) 1/1250

5. Trying to embrace the light. I am normally scared of it, so I am trying to step out. Does it work?
f/ 3.2, ISO- 500, 1600


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Ok, photobucket messed these up big time. UGH! My flickr is out and I need to wait to pay on payday.

Here's a link to them on FB. They look much better there than through PB. FRUSTRATING!

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These are GREAT Sadie! I can see why she and her mom are both happy. Smile

Sounds like you are going to be really busy this week! I can't wait to see how the other sessions go.

My CC here is based on the images on your facebook. It's also pretty nitpicky as I feel you've done a really nice job.

1. I prefer the color version. Her eyes are such a pretty blue that they deserve to shine! The head chop doesn't bother me, per se, but I do wish there was more white space around her face. It just feels a little cramped.

2. This is one that definitely looks better on fb! I only have one little nit pick - I can see her zipper. I doubt there is much that can be done unless you try to clone that part out. It draws my eye though and that is not where I should be looking. Wink

3. The haze is not a problem - I like the effect you got here, but there are a couple of other issues with this one. First, her face looks slightly OOF. Maybe it looks different in the full resolution version you have, but it looks to me like focus fell around her knees/dress line. The only other thing about this one is her posture. The hunched shoulders really take away from what could be a really cool, moody look to this one. I know it's nitpicking and I know there is little we can do sometimes to get kids to sit/stand up straight. Maybe I'm being too hard, but that was the thought that ran through my head while looking at this one.

4. despite the high ISO, I think this one turned out great. Did you have to run it through noiseware? I love the golden glow to this one. I wish both of her eyes had catch lights, but it's still really lovely as-is.

5. This one is really nice as well. I wish there was just a bit more light on her face - it seems in shadow. In this version her eyes look OOF, but in the fb version that looks OK. I truly love the light on her hair.

Great work, Sadie!


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Nice job, Sadie! I like them. #1 is beautiful of her eyes! I like the colour version; the B&W seems a bit too dark to me.

#2 is cute, nicely done.

She looks a bit too grumpy to me in #3, though I like the location, and I always kind of like that hazy feel too, so I like the light as well.

#4 is beautiful, just a bit too dark, I think? I would also like to have seen her head just a bit higher in the frame and a bit more of her upper body. But that's nitpicky, I like the location and comp. I would just brighten it a bit.

#5 is really a nice pose, love the light and the dress! I can see just a touch of bright sun on her left cheek, if you'd have turned her a slight bit more, you'd get the nice backlight on her hair and hands without that bright spot on the cheek. But again, nitpicky. I love the look of this one!

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Gonna make it short and sweet...gotta go get the kids.

#1. I wish you had backed up a touch and weren't so high above her. Color, clarity, focus and light are great though.

#2. I like it. I like the pose, and the composition, but wish here smile were a little less frozen. This is a theme throughout. She looks a little stiff.

#3. I don't mind the haze or the processing here, but her expression looks angry.

#4. You've got a strange crop going on here. Just a touch too much space above her head for me. This is another dis-genuine looking smile. I just don't see her whole face smiling, if you know what I mean. Her mouth is turned upwards, but she doesn't look happy. You've got to crack jokes with someone like this to get something real.

#5. My least favorite. You know me, I hate an unnatural pose. If someone wouldn't do it in real life, and they are not a model, they just look super awkward to me. The pose isn't flattering her figure either. Your technical work with the lighting is fine, it's just the posing and her forced smile that bother me. I'm also not in love with the background here. Just not nearly nice as the backgrounds in all of the other photos.

ETA: You know I'm being super tough, right? These by no means stink...they're really lovely, I'm just giving you HHCC cause you're ready for some of that stuff.