Backdrop ideas/suggestions

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Backdrop ideas/suggestions

I'm looking for backdrop ideas for christmas photos done indoors. I have Thunder Grey and Crimson. Don't like the crimson as it shows pink in my images for some reason (this could solely be me, not the shade of the paper Smile ) I may brave the outdoors once (if) the snow falls, but also want other options.

Do you think if i got fleece (red? white?) it would look ok?
I have a large piece of black that I use for my backdrop, but is that too dark for christmas?

TIA Smile

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Geez, my computer wouldn't pull up this page to respond....

Anyways, I don't think black is too dark as long as you bring in some color through your outfits.

As for the seamless, I have not clue nor do I have a clue about fleece. Sorry, wish I could help. Braving the outdoors would be fun and a challenge! Biggrin

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Are you trying for a family shot or just kids?

I usually use white for my holiday shots. I think that works out the best because the kids are usually wearing enough color. I think grey might work too.

Here are a couple I've done the last couple years using white seamless (first looks greyish because of the lighting)

Tried black but I think it works better on white. I guess it depends what they are wearing too.

And this is one I did in 2007 before I had a background setup. Just bought a heavy duty vinyl shower curtain and draped it over a table in the back yard.

Good luck, looking forward to seeing what you end up with :)

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I tend to like the "stronger" colors for photos just to make it interesting. I used red as a backdrop in some of my daughter's Christmas photos I did of her last Christmas. But white could look great too, if you have enough interest in the clothes/props/whatever. I personally loved the results I got photographing my daughter in the snow outside last winter! That was such great light lol. Oh and at Christmas I also did some of her in a rocking chair next to the lit-up tree, which I loved too. And some others were against a white backdrop, when she was wearing a cranberry-colored corduroy dress...

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These are for a friend who asked me to do christmas pics for them...her, DH and their little girl. I may attempt shooting outside this winter, now that i've learned a bit more Wink I didnt realize but i have red fleece here at home so i'll practice with that and see how it goes. Smile

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Personally, I think the thunder grey would be really nice. Use other elements to bring color into your shots - like a tree or brightly wrapped presents, over sized ornaments work great too. Gwen did some last year w/ over sized ornaments that were really cool (I'm hoping to find something like that this year).

I would be careful w/ red backgrounds. Many people dress in white for holiday shoots and getting a red color caste off of white shirts is not fun. I did a karate shoot not too long ago and chose a red background, but it made all the kids' uniforms look pink. *sigh*

Black can work too, again, especially if you bring in bright elements like the tree, etc.

I think shooting outside is a GREAT option! Nothing beats natural light!

Good luck!!!