Backdrop set up?

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Backdrop set up?

So in anticipation of doing my 11 month old's cake smash photos I want to get a real backdrop stand and some paper.. any recs on the stands and paper size, type and where to buy would be so much appreciated!

I'd prefer something that is also portable, something maybe like this?

Also looking for recs for a reflector. Thanks!

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I have this stand from Impact:

I love it. It's easy to set up and take down, and it comes with a really handy bag to store everything in, which helps with the portability too.

I use it with the 53" paper, only b/c I don't have room for the bigger rolls of paper. But, the 53" rolls are easy to work with and transport easily too. I can throw them in the back of the Subaru with no issues. Smile

I have this 5-in-1 reflector:

I am SO glad I got the biggest one. It really does a great job!

I've been really happy with all of the items above. HTH! Smile

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That's similar to the stand that I have. It comes packaged in a shoulder bag, and the stands are literally two legs, a bar, and a couple of clamps. Pretty compact.

I buy my paper through my local photo lab. It comes in 107" or 53" widths and is typically 36' long. I like the longer lengths, but they are two-feet wider than the maximum width of the backdrop bar. What I read is that some people are having their husband take a table-saw to the last two-feet of the roll (when it's all curled up) and then it's the perfect width. I usually just buy the 53" because it's easier to manuvuer and works fine for photographing one. At my local lab, the 107" is $54 and the 53" is $33. They are cheaper online (before shipping at least) but I like the local service and business.

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That's the stand I just got from Adorama (via I also ordered a roll of the crimson red seamless paper from Adorama (also via in the 107" width. It's not terribly hard to maneuver but it's easier when you have someone who can help you.

I put up the stand and paper the day they arrived all by myself with a separated shoulder injury and was no worse for the wear afterwards. With that said, I *was* glad that DH offered to help me take it all down. It *did* make it easier to weild that long roll of paper.

So far, I'm really happy w/ that stand and the paper. I'm taking it to the karate shoot the first week in August so I will practice setting it up and breaking it down all over again.

Take care,

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Ugh, this is turning out to be a harder decision than what I thought.. the 53" sounds so much better in terms of storage and portability, but at just over 4' doesn't really seem like it would be wide enough.

But 107 is so big, and damn, so expensive to ship!

Maybe I should just continue to use fabric?? But there's always the wrinkle factor. hmmm. I have decision paralysis!

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I bought my stand and paper at adorama. I got the savage port-a-stand and it came with the 53' white savage seamless paper. I like it a lot and it is portable, which is great because I don't have room for a permanent set up. Maybe someday.