Backdrop storage (fabrics)

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Backdrop storage (fabrics)

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, but holiday prep got in the way. I use fabric backdrops and a PVC stand for my inside portrait work. The fabrics were stored folded on a shelf, which caused extra wrinkles. DH helped me to set up this hanging PVC to store the fabrics to minimize the wrinkles. Getting out the bottom fabrics is gonna SUCK, but hopefully I can narrow down my 12-15 fabrics to a smaller, manageable number over time. And once we get hardwood floors on the main level, I'm moving to seamless paper. But that's probably at least a year away.

here's the photo of the new setup


Here is an old pullback of how things looked before - since that photo was taken, the shelves between the bookshelves were piled high with fabric backdrops.