Backlighting... help!!!

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Backlighting... help!!!

All you back lighters expert - I need help. I swear, I read a tutorial on ILP about this, but I think I am still oh so clueless... Sad I am such a slooooow learner. Backlighting is my pet peeve at the moment. I can't seem to get the right angle, light, etc... sigh!

I took my kid at around 715 pm last night to get some of that golden hour and practice my back lighting. Of course it didn't help that he was uncooperative... but just for the life of me - I was having a hard time processing... etc.

Here is the resulting bomb of a picture! Too yellow, too green... my eyes are playing tricks on me... To mask the color bleh.... at least the black and white turned out ok.

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Sorry can't help you I haven't even ventured into backlit pictures.

I do agree that first one is just bad. I do think you did excellent with the black and white conversion, love it! Your boys cheeky grin is cute.

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Are you wanting flare? I think what you are after is filtered backlighting. Look for an area where there is open shade and the sun is just going behind the trees. That will give you the glow you're after, but still not give you all that hazy glare. To get some light in the eyes, a reflector can help, or even just shooting from slightly above so the sky is in their eyes. Hope that's what you're looking for.

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I wouldn't say the first one is all bad, it just looks very red and yellow......he has good light in his eyes, and I can see the backlighting along the edges of his skin, and he looks sharp.....I do agree that processing color on backlit photos is hard!

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I'm no backlighting expert at all, but I have had the best results with what Steph describes. Lots of filtered backlight through trees (heavier tree line/shrubs/whatever than you have here) behind the subject, and the subject in shade.

Though I agree with Amy's comments about the picture. It's just the colour that is off, but it's crisp, the line of the backlighting is nice, the exposure is great.