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Beautiful Quote

I have really been searching lately, for the type of photographer I want to be and where I am going and where I have been. I bought a book by Freeman Patterson (a famous Canadian photographer/writer) at a garage sale and it is full of so much inspiration. Funny enough, it isn't the photography that is inspiring, but the written work in the book. Here's a quote from a chapter:

As a photographer I don't consciously select a style and then apply it to a variety of subject matter; rather, I live my life, make my images, and unconsciously document my personal journey. This suggests why my image-making rarely shows a pattern of steady improvement, but frequently is marked by periods of stasis - plateaus and ruts. I don't necessarily regard plateaus negatively, however. They may be valuable times of assimilation and consolidation after long periods or sudden spurts of personal growth. But whether I'm moving or resting, the medium always mirrors my inner self. So accurate is the reflection, that photographs often reveal the subtle beginnings of emotional transitions that I can recognize consciously only in other ways much later on. - Quote by Freeman Patterson

They have this text posted on his website - (I don't want to get in trouble copyright wise, I just think it is so relevant and inspirational to many of us here)

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That is a very neat quote! Thank you for sharing that, it made alot of sense to me! Kind of sums up alot of my feelings as well!

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Thanks for sharing!

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I love that! So true, and so well said. Very inspiring indeed. TFS!

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Very nice! I feel exactly this way sometimes. TFS!

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thats awesome - i love it.

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Great quote! TFS.