Beautiful Spring

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Beautiful Spring

I promise to try to come back tomorrow and reply to some threads. I've fallen behind Sad I haven't found my motivation to pick up my camera. I'm just in a slump. I've got another photography meet-up next weekend, so I hope I find my passion again.

We went to my parent's house this afternoon. I didn't take my camera and wasn't planning on being 'photographer'. But, my parents asked us to stay for dinner and it really was a beautiful day. SOooo, I ran home and got my camera gear. Boy, am I glad I did!! I had so much fun doing macros. I know I say it every time, but this is truly my passion.

(excuse me as I go overboard with sharing)...
2011-04-03 03
2011-04-03 04
2011-04-03 05
2011-04-03 13
2011-04-03 14
2011-04-03 17
2011-04-03 15

This is my photo wall in the making. I've FINALLY hung the small 8x10s. The horizontal photo is NOT staying, it's just a place holder until I get another one printed. The large two on the ends are NOT my photos, they are prints. But, the middle light house and the 8X10s are mine. I'm planning on expanding this wall with 3 or 4 more frames.

2011-04-03 18

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I became a fan on FB and saw most of these there -- and some other amazing ones -- and was just blown away. All I can say is, for someone who's lost her passion and is in a slump, you sure do produce some exquisitely beautiful work!

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These are just amazing! My favorite is totally #7. I love how you can see the detail on the bee's wing. Awesome!

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I love your macros!!! Smile so pretty!! and your wall is coming out nice! can't wait to start my own in the future.

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Wow...i love nature photography! I love 6 & 7 and wowzers on the bokeh on #4! Great job!

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Thanks girls Smile

Hoping to get my groove back before Sunday...we'll see. I've got a friend coming in town, so I probably won't get any play time in before my meet-up. Too much going on right now!

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wow....this is simply amazing,simple but wonderful photos......

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These are really nice Jennifer! You should feel proud!

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"CJWilkes" wrote:

These are really nice Jennifer! You should feel proud!

Ditto this!

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Thanks guys Smile I'm really happy with how they turned out!

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Gorgeous! I love that last one!

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What beautiful photos, idea of a photo wall.

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Wow! #7 is my favourite too, love the detail

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Wow, those are beautiful!!!