Beauty in the eye of the beholder?

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Beauty in the eye of the beholder?

This may be a funny question, but I was wondering what other people, like your husbands or families, think of your photography -- whether it's the portrait work or macro stuff or whatever.

Last night I had a funny experience. I was telling DH that on another site I'm on, I got a photo featured in a group, and he asked which photo. So I showed him, and his jaw dropped in disbelief and he said, "They featured THAT?!" Now, granted, it wasn't his greatest moment of tact Smile but he is totally awesome and sweet, it's just that he did NOT "get" anything about that photo. He didn't think it was in any way special. So we got to talking about it a little, and he was saying that some of the stuff I like to shoot, like mossy trees in woods and stuff, really doesn't make sense to him. He goes to those places with me and sees green trees. Big whoop.

I have to confess, it really hurt my feelings at first. I'm such an amateur, I was proud of this photo and that it got a feature like that, and it really deflated me. But I know he loves other things I've taken, so it's just that certain things don't work for him. Do you get comments like that? Just curious. It's not really anything that matters in a sense, but given that photography is a passion for most people here, I was curious if that ever happens to anyone else, and if you get kind of deflated like that -- like someone's stepping on your baby! Wink

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My DH doesn't get photos of flowers. He recognizes that the photo is nice, but he doesn't understand what the point of shooting flowers is. Silly boy. He also doesn't get why people like to watch dancing, so there you go. Different strokes and all that jazz.

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I have learned not to take what anyone thinks of my photos seriously (other than serious critiquing). My husband is way supportive...he goes LOOKING for things for me to photograph. BUT, what I find interesting and what he finds interesting are completely different. It's just all about personal interests and definition of beauty.

It doesn't mean your photo you love so much is any less wonderful. Just means that maybe someone else doesn't love it so much. Don't let that take away from YOUR fondness of it.

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This is all so true! I am not so fond of landscapes really, or buildings/architecture, but I can imagine why others are.

I try not to get offended, but of course it hurts when you think you've got a special picture and nobody really agrees!

Another thing that REALLY bothers me, especially lately, is when someone says "Wow, your camera takes nice pictures!" Like, if they picked up my camera they could totally get the same results. Not that I'm all that good yet, but I have been learning and practicing for a few years now and it takes so much more work than I ever imagined to get a properly exposed shot with good focus, composition, lighting, color and interest. Sorry for the mini rant! Acute

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Honestly - DH is always telling me he loves whatever I shoot. He Oooooo's and AAAAAAAAAAAAaah's over it all. I don't remember him ever saying he did not get it even when I thought it was horrible. He has always been proud.

Please don't be mad. It could be the artist in him and how much work he sees me put into it. For that I am grateful cause I need his support.

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Oh, I'm not mad... My DH loves and adores me, and that he doesn't think something I like is fabulous is OK. I do sometimes wish DH was more enthusiastic about the things that I appreciate, but he's honest and that's a great thing too. (Of course, if my DH were your husband, Cindy, he might oohhh and aahhh at everything you did too, given the quality of your work!) I was just a little stung initially, but it did make me think about how people like such different things.

For example, in DH's family there are some artists who do very, to ME, "odd" kinds of work. I'm not into "art" per se, so I wouldn't know the name for it, but stuff that's supposed to be highly symbolic and mostly looks random and disconnected to me, and painted in a very simple way. But other people think DH's brothers' art is really cool. To each his own, right? Clearly I don't get it, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.

As a friend of mine says, "That's why there's chocolate and vanilla!"

Sorry that sometimes I ramble on, I just sometimes think aloud and wonder what others' experiences are like!

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Mine is extremely supportive too, but sometimes he doesn't like the same things I do. He will say, 'I like so and so better, because...' he things that my photography is AMAZING, but I think its because it's mostly pics of our When I show him other stuff I love, he doesn't always get how amazing it is!

I agree that maybe your husband just doesn't understand why people like that type of photography, not your picture specifically. Try not to let it get you down too much... Think of it this way. He must really love what he usually sees from you, if he thought that wasn't as good in comparison. Smile

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Some people if they don't enjoy the topic they can't enjoy the art, this may be the case with your husband. I have a friend who is huge into Urban Exploration, he goes to old abandoned buildings and takes shots, though that is not really a huge interest to me I can appreciate his talents and abilities with a camera, but not all people are like me. I am sure your shot was fantastic.

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I think everyone has their tastes! Not only in photography, but everything in life. I can totally understand feeling wounded about your husband's words, though! Men honestly don't take things like we women do. Smile Just because it's not his "thing" doesn't mean you should be any less proud of the photoI think sometimes, to the "untrained" eye, a really lovely photo that is perfect (no matter the subject) can be completely discounted.

Take a boudoir pic of yourself and I'm sure he'll rave about it for the next 20 years, right? Wink