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Thread: been busy! another tonight...

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    Default been busy! another tonight...

    I have people emailing/calling me almost every day to do pictures which is awesome but man have I been busy with everything (photography and life with 4 kids and getting ready for another!). This one is the grandson of my sitter (who I just love and so do my kids!). I've been doing a special "mini" for people in my neighborhood and the deal is it has to be in the evenings (so i don't have to pay for a sitter), it has to be in our neighborhood and they get between 5-10 images just depending on how cooperative their child is (I'm not gonna spend hours trying to get 10 "good" ones for $40. It's really been helping to pay for midwife and other birth stuff and it is good practice, the Moms get a few images they like, it helps me portfolio build and try different things and makes me learn to be more creative (since we are staying in our neighborhood!).

    So.. here is one of my favorites from tonight. He is such a doll!

    thought pw's "soft and faded" action might be cute here so I played around with that after I did my basic editing and I like the effect... what do you think?


    and b&w


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    This looks like a fun shoot.

    His skin tone is a bit funky, looks a tad yellow/green. I would have also taken it in a different angle because the opening on the other side is a bit distracting.

    He is a doll and I do like the conversion.
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    That sounds so great! I wish I could do that around here.

    He's cute and I like the pose, but unfortunately I agree that the opening at the other end being RIGHT next to his head is so bright and distracting and almost looks like it's attached to his head.

    I like your conversion!

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