Been a little while

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Been a little while

I haven't been around lately. I have just been so so busy. And I had a big cancer scare but all is okay now. Just getting back involved in everything again it's hard to keep up Smile

Anyway thought I'd come back and say hi and leave a few recent images from my latest sessions to share.

I still have to catch up on all of the posts which I will do when it's not close to midnight.

My most recent - I hand stitched that logo out of lycra - took me 4 hours

For those of you who remember my baby niece Dusty-rose who was born 5 weeks early and not breathing - here she is at 18 months

And her big sis Kara

And some other clients

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So glad you're OK and the cancer scare was just a scare!

Beautiful work. I love the second-to-last one, such wonderful eyes! Your niece is precious! And cool Superman logo - great idea!

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I really like the family shot and how you posed mom and dad if only the girls were a tiny bit closer but even how you have them still works for me! Mom and dads expressions look so natural to me. Great shot

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So sorry you had a cancer scare! Glad all is ok! You work is great! LOVE LOVE LOVE that first one. Cutest idea EVER! Glad you are back!

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Glad to hear your scare was just a scare.

Your pictures are beautiful as always.

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Such beautiful work, Cazz! The superman idea is just fantastic! You do such an amazing job of featuring their eyes! In every shot, regardless of age or composition, I am drawn to their eyes. It never fails! WOW!

Glad you are OK!

Take care and keep on sharing when you can!


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Great to see you back Cazz!!! I can see you found your niche and style. I am glad to hear that you are ok. Hope to see you here more!