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Been MIA

Hi all.

When my camera broke down and I sent it away for repairs I was so missing it for the first week but the 2 weeks it was supposed to take took about 5 all up and while I couldnt wait to get my camera back I was also kind of glad for the enforced break.

Among other things I had to settle into the new house and I started another new job the first week of June which is fabulous but very tiring on top of that DH and I are also opening a new business(records, cd's and collectables) so we have been doing a lot with that too.

I finally got my camera back a couple of weeks ago and have had a chance to practice on a few new people so I thought I would share a few.

Feel free to comment, I'd love your thoughts. They were so much fun to do!

I know, she is cropped awkwardly but I still like it anyway. It has a pink tinge but I also did that on purpose.!

my niece

and nephew

Thanks for looking! I am now going to catch up on some posts!


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Welcome back, Cazz!!! It must feel so good to have your camera back!

Look at that precious baby! I love that first shot and the one in the hat. She has such deep, beautiful eyes and you captured that so well here!

Your niece always cracks me up. She must be so much fun! I like the processing you did here. Has a very retro feel to it.

And I can't believe how much your nephew has grown since you last posted his pic! WOW!

Again, WB and keep on posting!


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welcome back! the baby is so sweet! I adore the first capture. the second seems to need to be brightened up, the light is striking her at a higher angle. the third is great, other than her feet being chopped off. but such a sweet capture! and your niece is a cutie!!! I wish there was a little more color in your PPing, but it's a neat look. and your nephew is adorable! I can't believe how big he's gotten!

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welcome back!! Smile Lovin the hat in #2 and she is a cutie!! They're all cute. I see some some strong shadows in 2 and 3. The last one is sweet Smile

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Welcome back!
Nice photos there! I love the light in her eyes in the first one and I like the processing in the pic of your niece!