Been too long!

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Been too long!

I have been gone WAY too long! All kinds of changes going on here. Smile I really wish I had more time to look around at everyone's progress. I see you've got CC groups going on now. Maybe someday soon I'll have enough free time to join in. Smile

I recently discovered a photography club here in town that I'm super excited about. I plan on joining up at the next meeting in October. I don't have any friends close by IRL who are into photography, so it will be nice to share and to see things from other photog's points of view. They have monthly challenges and stuff like we have here. But I'm hoping that since they have set meetings, I won't keep telling myself "I'll get on tomorrow."

I also wanted to say that I've been exploring photoshop and really trying to work with my RAW images. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for encouraging that. I have seen a great deal of improvement, not only in my editing capabilities, but also with my images SOOC.

As I type this I realize that the post doesn't feel complete without sharing something. I'm on my iPad now, but will run to my pc to upload a few to share. No CC will be necessary, but is always welcome. Smile

So here they are.

I took these pictures of my bff's little girl for her 1st birthday.

I took these 2 for another friend who just had a baby. (I get to do baby pics of her little girl on Monday!) Just to share the story behind it... She really wanted a "ready to pop" photo. As I was taking them, I happened to get a picture of one of the bubbles as it popped. I kid you not... An hr after we took these pictures, her water broke. It was perfect. Smile

And of course, I have to share pics of my angels. Smile These were from the end of July, but are two of my favorites.

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Great pictures, Danielle, and so nice to see you again! Your twins are looking adorable, and I love the collage you did for the 1st birthday! The 'pop' pics are a great idea too, and wow, what timing!

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Thanks Tracy! The "ready to pop" and "popped" shots weren't my favorite angle out of all the ones I took, and really not the best quality ones from the entire session. But what it symbolized was the best part of it all.

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Your indoor photos look amazing! Great job! Glad you are back! Keep them coming! Smile I really think you have improved a ton!

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So good to see you back!

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Welcome back the pictures are wonderful.