Believe (holiday card possibility)

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Believe (holiday card possibility)

Ok, so I totally copied this from someone on ILP, but I saw it and remembered I had a silhouette shot on my hard drive that might work. This is a composite of a composite, lol! Apart from being very centered, does it look ok? I'm thinking of getting a mix of different xmas cards, some for close family, different ones for friends etc.

xmas card possible-v3 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

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I love it!! And I like that it's centered Smile

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Oh I love this too.


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Very cute! the only thing I would change is the text, but that is a matter of opinion

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LOVE it all around!~

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Oh I love it Kerry! There's just a bit of pinkish between the two boys on the right that I'm noticing. But that is so incredibly nit-picky. I seriously LOVE it!!!

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This is just great!

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I think this is great! Wink

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I love it! I think the pink is supposed to be there, like moonlight hitting the "clouds" right below the moon.

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I love it as is.

If you feel it looks a little centered you could try portrait instead of landscape, won't get as much of sky but it would still make a wonderful card.

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