Better "farm" image?

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Better "farm" image?

Do you guys like this farm image better than the ones I posted for my "summer shoot" options?
Evening on the Farm

For reference, here are the two you guys liked earlier:
Morning on the Farm

Touched by Gold

Struggling and depressed about some of these images and the crazy thing that is camera club. Sigh.

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I like the middle one, though one could argue it's a farmhouse, not a farm. I like the third one (definitely farm) but the reflection circles on the lens is not to my liking. I don't mind the sun itself, and the streaks.

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My favorite is still the middle one. Looks like God's little acre or something. Smile


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Thanks, guys!

GiGi, I love that middle one too. It's just such a great scene and a great spot. Smile

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My favorite is the middle one. ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

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They are all great shots for their different styles, my favourite is the middle one.

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Middle one

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Thanks, everyone, that's so helpful!