BEYOND excited!

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BEYOND excited!

The photo shoot I did with Jermaine (the MMA guy) back in April is finally bringing some more people my way! WOO HOO!!!

Jermaine & 3 of his friends opened their own martial arts gym in March (that's where Logan takes muay thai lessons and where Carlos and I go to cardio kick boxing classes).

ANYWAY ... they approached me yesterday about doing some pictures for them. They're going to be doing a TV commercial, but the commercial will be like a slide show of still photos and they've asked me to do the photos!!!

The shoot is going to be with the full staff this Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for me that all goes well!


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That is AWESOME!!!! They will be so pleased that they chose you! When the commerical is done, hopefully you can get a copy and show it to us.

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WOW!!!! Super exciting!!!! I can't wait to hear how it does. Good luck.

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What a great opportunity, I'm excited for you!!!

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That is fantastic! I'm not surprised though, those pictures were amazing! Good luck!

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Yahoo GiGi that is FANTASTIC!!!!!

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GiGi, that is FANTASTICALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm psyched for you!!!!! I know you'll rock it, this really is your niche. Congrats!

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Yahoo hope it all goes well GiGi!! Smile

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Now THAT is an awesome opportunity!!! I'm so excited for you Biggrin

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woo awesome congrats

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Congrats Gigi. You deserve it!!!

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I am beyond thrilled for you! YAY! That's awesome! You deseve it b/c you ROCKED those photos!