Big Fat Lesson Learned!!

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Big Fat Lesson Learned!!

I have an adorable stool that is in my DD's room. The lighting in my house was great, thought I'd try out my new camera.

Well, this is what kept coming out...I was STUMPED!

20100207 2

20100207 1

I was about to come on here and ask if there was any saving them...then I had a moment. I looked at my camera and I checked out the ISO.....3200 :eek::eek::eek:

I completely forgot I was messing around taking test shots at different ISO levels last night and didn't even THINK to change it when I started taking pics. ISO is the one thing I have a problem remembering to change. SS and ap, no problem. ISO, forget about it every single time.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you and have a happy super bowl Wink

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hehe opps, I do silly things like that all the time.
well for such a high iso they don't look too grainy (at least at this size)

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It took me ages to remember to check ALL my settings before shooting! Smile You got some cute shots anyways, I don't much noise for the iso being so high. Maybe it's just the size.

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lol! I have done the same thing! I dont think they look bad at all for being iso 3200!

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If you shot in Raw, maybe you can recover the exposure back.

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you know these are really incredible shots for such a high iso! WOW! I can barely get above 400 w/out the grain really starting to show. Smile


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I didn't know you got a new camera, congrats!!! I wish I could go that high with my ISO. Wink But I've BTDT with the ISO ... but once you really screw it up, it makes it easier to remember for the future. At least it was high for a fun shoot, nothing something you can't repeat like a birthday or something, right?

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El, I didn't shoot RAW. I tired, but I just don't get it. I need to do some more research.

Better believe I will remember ISO from now on Biggrin

Gwen, I loved my XT, but I got frustrated with the ISO and small LCD screen. I upgraded to the T1i and love it. Guess the pics above show it does a lot better at really high ISO.