Big share: Snow!!

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Big share: Snow!!

We are getting a big dump of snow today, our first real snowfall of this winter, and the kids are LOVING it! Just had to share some of the fun shots from today. CC welcome.

Snow day 1

Snow day 8

Snow day 9

#4 (darn if I didn't cut off the tip of her left hand!)
Snow day 2

Snow day 3

Snow day 5

Snow day 7

Snow day 6

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Tracy, I'm on my (very uncalibrated) laptop, but this is some of the best color I've seen in snow pictures...or at least it is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY better than what I come up with. My snow always looks I convert to B&W. Wink

Anyway, LOVE all of these...couldn't even pick a favorite because they look like they're having so much fun in all of them! Great job!

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I agree, GREAT colors. I am so loving your photos! You rock girl!

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Thanks so much! It was just a blast for the kids out there yesterday, so I took a ton of pictures and we all had fun. As far as the colour, I had the camera set to Cloudy, and I didn't touch the colour on these one iota. It was great. Our P&S usually produces a slightly blue tint to the snow too, unless I set the WB manually, and even then it's iffy!

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These look FUN!!! And pp are dead right - your WB looks GREAT here! No blue snow!

What an awesome winter wonderland you've captured here!


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WOW! Spot on with the WB and these are just so crisp. Great share

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"robgem" wrote:

WOW! Spot on with the WB and these are just so crisp. Great share

My thoughts, exactly! I LOVE #2!! You really got great expressions of joy here!

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These are all great pictures, are you still borrowing your friends camera or is this your own? Wonderful shots either way!

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"Muddee" wrote:

are you still borrowing your friends camera or is this your own?

Still using our friend's camera. I took it back to them at church on Sunday and they told me to keep it at least another couple of weeks! Smile

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I'm glad you get to keep it a while these are really great shots and I can't wait to see more. If you still have them on the camera would you mind sharing your settings. I am always looking at what other people are doing to see how really neat shots come out. Even just for the first one would be awesome. I can't believe the color on these, it's just awesome! You even caught your DD's breath in #2. It almost makes me sorry it doesn't snow here. Almost!

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Lindsay, the first one was f2.2, SS 1/800, ISO 400. The rest were all f1.8 and varying shutter speeds in that ballpark. Thanks for the kind comments!

Re: the "almost makes you wish it snows there" comment... it was tons of fun that day! BUT, since that day it has been bitterly cold, there are accidents all over the roads, DH's work has 8' high snow drifts, and our house is freezing even with the heat cranked! Sooooo... it makes me wish for the summer!! But I so loved getting out with the kids on the one "decent" snow day and getting these fun shots, it was truly a blast! Smile

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Love these, Tracy!! You are so rocking that camera! Keep up the great work. And that's awesome that they're letting you borrow it longer! That would be so awesome if they decided to sell it to you for a discount. Smile