birth announcement idea

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birth announcement idea

I found this picture on Pinterest.


I really like the idea behind it and thought I'd attempt my own version for this pregnancy. I instructed DH in taking this picture today. I'm excited to see how my recreation will turn out in the end. And is it just me, or does the picture have a green cast?


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Love the verses and the idea!

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Ooo that's so cute! You're right though i think i do see a yellowy greeny cast on my screen. Can't wait to see the whole finished thing! Biggrin

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Oh, I love this idea! And this shot is a great start (can't wait for the rest!).

I am seeing a yellow/green tint. Is that a post-it note or a white note card? In the inspiration photo, it appears to be a white note card. I can't tell on your image. However, I'm at work and most things look yellow here.


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dp - grrrr!

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I too see a little yellow and green cast. I LOVE this idea. PRECIOUS!