blown skies...

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blown skies...

hey all! I'm looking for general help with how to fix a blown sky in the background of a photo. If i try to expose the person correctly, on a nice sunny evening, even with the sun setting, the sky just comes out sorta a yellowy white backdrop. I've tried metering in all 3 ways; matrix, spot, center weight...nothing seems to make a difference. A lot of times i don't mind it but it would also be nice to know how to get a nice blue sky background....Is this something that is just beyong my camera level? I only use a Nikon D3100 so it's an entry level DSLR.
here is an example of what i mean...she is exposed correctly, although i know there is some shadow from the sun...but the sky is just blown....

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Are you a member of ILP? If not, sign up and check out this thread. Laura Morita gave some tips on how to get her awesome sky shots. There is also some info on fixing the sky as well.

I think that the key is shooting at the right time of day to get a naturally blue sky. Those times of day right after sunrise and right before sunset (unless it's an overcast day).

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You can also avoid overexposed skies if you use an OCF.