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I just wanted to share these 2 shots from yesterday, I am really digging the purple-y sparkly bokeh in these Dirol I was out in the late-afternoon sunshine with my 50mm and the sun was just hitting all the right spots in the yard, it was beautiful!! I had my macro converter on for some shots but can't remember if these were with it or without it.

What do you think of these though for the leaf challenge? Too basic? Too ordinary/expected?

Both pics are of blueberry leaves.

1. 1/1250, f/2.0, ISO 200

2. same settings.

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LOVE!! That purpley bokeh is really beautiful. What was your ap set at for these?

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love the bokeh! Smile so pretty! I think either one would be good for the challenge!

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Oops I added the settings for you--ap was 2.0. I have tons of leaf-themed pics to choose from for the challenge so it's tough to decide.

Thank you both!

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SWEET bokeh! Love them Amy! Great job! I TOTALLY adore #1, even though the focus seems a bit soft, it's still great!

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i really love the color in #1, but they are both AWESOME images! way to rock the bokeh, Amy!


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I love both of them! Awesome bokeh!!!! I can't help you with the leaf challenge, I'm still mad at your butterfly pattern submission. ROFL

My leaf pictures are all on my camera, until I finish editing the headshot session, I can't take them off. But I haven't taken the picture I want to take yet.

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LOL Gwen! Thanks, I think! hahaha

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gorgeous! i love that purple bokeh

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Thank you both! I'm STILL not really decided on which photo to use....I did post one though...a different one LOL!