Booked my first newborn!

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Booked my first newborn!

I'm going to have my first practice session with a newborn! WEO! I just wanted to share my excitement! I'm busy getting everything I need together, she is due in two weeks Biggrin I've been getting some practice on adults recently which is great, but I really want to learn to photograph newborns. If anyone has any suggestions of a must have prop or other suggestions for newborns I'd love to hear them.

Heres a quick share from a shoot I did a couple weeks ago. It was an overcast day at the beach. They wanted sexy pics, so I'll only share a couple that more like headshots. CC is always welcomed.

Gold Creek 35 BW wm

Gold Creek 351 wm

Gold Creek 219 CBW wm

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that's awesome on the newborn!!! bring lots of blankets and burp cloths (to catch the pee :lol:). I like baskets and hats for props. of course, I've only done one newborn so far. my next newborn is in the belly of the maternity session I just posted.

I love these pictures, they're really nice! they're definitely high on the contrast side, but I think that totally works for what you're were doing (and I like contrast)

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LAUREN! These are WONDERFUL! I *adore* high contrast b&w, but only if it's done well like it is here. WOW!!! The color shots are nice, but the b&w just totally blow me away!

I've never done a newborn myself (have a friend w/ a pg wife I'm trying to convince to let me do pics). I hear a bean bag is an essential tool.

I can't wait to see the results you get.


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No suggestions, but congrats and good luck! Love your shares here. The BWs are beautiful.